Panda Security Toolbar

Panda Security Toolbar

Helps you protect your PC from malicious webpages
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Panda Security Toolbar is a handy browser tool that keeps you protected from unsafe and malicious webpages with its effective anti-virus tools. You will no longer have to worry about catching viruses on your PC while surfing the Internet.

The installation will be fast, though, if you wish to maintain your browser's settings as they are, you should be careful to uncheck some options, such as change browser's default search to Google and set the default home page to MyStart.

However, you can easily customize its simple interface by opting for another background color, arranging the toolbar's components in a different order, changing the language and many others.

You will have free access to useful tools that will help you delete your browser's history, cookies and passwords in order to protect your privacy and security. Additionally, if you intend to remove toolbars from your browser, you can use the Toolbar Cleaner utility and make your browser less weighted.

The application also comes with an effective weather forecaster, a powerful search engine and a utility that notifies you with the latest coupons offers.

Therefore, it's worth trying Panda Security Toolbar, an easy-to-use program that helps you protect your PC from malicious webpages.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Available in many languages
  • Access to many useful tools
  • Integrated search engine
  • Install separately on Firefox and Internet Explorer, or at the same time


  • During installation, the program offers you to make some alterations to your browser's settings; be careful to uncheck these options if you intend to keep the settings as they are
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